Jakarta International Expo
24 Oct 2018 - 26 Oct 2018
The 1st International Showcase Specialised Technologies
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Exhibitors in Indonesia Asia
Rest of the World
P.T. Pamerindo Indonesia
Menara Jamsostek, Menara Utara
12th Floor, Unit TA-12-04
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No.38
Jakarta 12710
Tel.: +62-21-2525320
E-mail : gesela@pamerindo.com
Contact: Gesela Saesaria
UBM International Sales Office-Asia
10 Kalang Avenue
#09-15, Aperia Tower 2
Singapore 339510
Tel:  +65 6233 6688
E-mail : JingYi.Lee@ubm.com
Contact: Jing Yi Lee

UBM Allworld
240 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8BF
United Kingdom

Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7560 4304
E-mail : Jamie.Anderson@ubm.com
Contact: Jamie Anderson

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